Launch premiere from the ftrack web interface. From the sidebar, select Actions ‣ Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.


If you do not see Adobe Premiere in the menu, make sure you are running ftrack-connect and that it is able to find Adobe Premiere.


The extension will save the task you had selected in ftrack as long as it is running. To change which task you are working on, you will need to relaunch Adobe Premiere.


To start publishing, open the extension panel by selecting Window ‣ Extensions ‣ ftrack. Select the items you wish to include in the version and any additional options. Then press the button Publish to publish the project using ftrack-connect.



Check the Project checkbox to add the current Adobe Premiere project as a component when publishing.


Check the Sequence checkbox to encode and add the currently active sequence as a component to when publishing. The sequence is encoded using Adobe Media Encoder. When Adobe Media Encoder has started, you can do any additional configuration before kicking of the encoding using the Start Queue-button. Once the encoding has finished, the publish process will continue.

If you choose to include the sequence, you will be presented with a few additional Export Settings.


The export preset to use for encoding the sequence. By default, the selector will list any presets found in the MediaIO/systempresets in the Adobe Premiere installation directory. The environment variable FTRACK_PREMIERE_PRESET_PATH can be set to specify where to look for presets. The variable should be set to an absolute path of a single directory containing EPR files, possibly organized into subdirectories. For example:


When publishing, the preset used will be saved and set as default next time the extension is opened.

Source Range

Specifies the Source Range of the sequence. Can be set to one of

  • Entire Sequence - Uses the entire duration of the sequence.
  • Sequence In/Out - Trims to the In and Out marks set on the sequence.
  • Work Area - Trims to the work area specified.


Check the Thumbnail checkbox to capture and set the current frame as the version’s thumbnail.


You can display additional information useful for troubleshooting by clicking Toggle debug information in the bottom right of the extension panel. Doing so will display the current ftrack context, the event server connection information and the last published event.


The extension will publish the files as a version on the task you opened Premiere with. If you wish ton publish the files on another task , you need to relaunch Premiere for that task.


When you publish, the extension will first save a temporary copy and use the temporary files when publishing. Make sure you use an ftrack location which manages the data to persist the files.